Weekend Mega Linkfest:May 18,2013

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Sreesanth:From an angry bird to rotten egg (Tehelka)

Inside Man:Attorney General Goolam Vahanvati (Caravan)

Karl Slym has a fix for ailing Tata Motors (ForbesIndia)

Retail investors of Richa Industies are getting a raw deal (Moneylife)

No questions please (Newslaundry)

BJP:God’s gift to Congress (Open)

When Heineken bottles were square (Smithsonian)

Obituary:Geza Vermes (Economist)

Israel’s man in Damascus (ForeignAffairs)

Is Wal-Mart in trouble? (Slate)

A new way to pay for dream vacations (MarketWatch)

Profile:Sheryl Sandberg (MichaelLewis)

The scientific 7 minute workout (NYTimes)

Notes on Bombay Talkies (Jabberwock)

How a conman caused Google to pay $ 500 Million (Wired)

The Cyprus Depositor Haircut (LRB)

In Pictures:Advani quits the BJP (UnrealTimes)

Photologue:First Time to China (TeamBHP)

Travelogue:The Jewel of Kumaon (Ghumakkar)

Email Marketing:How to make $100000 (RodinHoods)


Weekend Mega Linkfest:March 29, 2013

Some interesting off beat reads for this long weekend:

Spoof:Sagarika Ghose goes back in time to live tweet (UnrealTimes)

Mumbai to Goa in an inflatable kayak (TeamBHP)

Is giving the secret to getting ahead? (NYTimes)

European soccer’s master of match fixing (Businessweek)

Movie Review:Django Unchained (JaiArjun)

Moview Review:Rangrezz (VigilIdiot)

Should bribe givers be let off? (IdeasForIndia)

Is Cohen buying off the US govt? (NewYorker)

Canal’s edge: Panama (VanityFair)

What are the BRICs building? (Slate)

The real reason Putin supports Assad (ForeignAffairs)

Photos of Holi,festival of colors (Smithsonian)

India should know its own strength (Economist)

Forget Facebook, American investors like real estate (MarketWatch)

How Samsung became the world’s number one smartphone maker (Businessweek)

Who really broke the UPA? (Tehelka)

Ravi Jaipuria:India’s bottler billionaire (ForbesIndia)

Narendra Modi:Riding his Lucknow (Outlook)

Waiting forever to break free (Open)

Car offers:The devil in the details (Moneylife)


Weekend Mega Linkfest:March 15,2013

Some interesting off beat reads for the weekend:

BRICS abandoned by local investors (Bloomberg)

Rajnath uncovers Vedic roots of quantum mechanics (Open)

Mother Teresa did not deserve the Nobel (Outlook)

Why Bollywood aspirants chase Shanoo Sharma (Caravan)

Italian slap and Indian fickle (Newslaundry)

Penalty for paying credit card dues by cheque (Moneylife)

Revival of insurgency in J&K (IDR)

Portraits of Russia’s most successful women (Slate)

Profile of Malala Yousafzai (VanityFair)

Ideas are dime a dozen, people who implement them are priceless (Forbes)

Pope Francis and the dirty war (NewYorker)

10 countries with the fastest growing tourism (Marketwatch)

The battle for Bangladesh (ForeignAffairs)

Looking for India’s Zuckerberg (Economist)

Waiting for the Accelerator bubble to pop (Businessweek)

Are restaurants justified in charging service charge? (MumbaiBoss)

How I delivered my first order (Rodinhoods)

Not just videos, upload your photos on Youtube (Labnol)

Obama in Israel’s new world (ProjectSyndicate)

Photolog: Aamchi Mumbai (TeamBHP)

The Big Short War-Battle of the Billionaires (VanityFair)

The history of blue jeans (VICE)


Weekend Mega Linkfest:March 08, 2013

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Meet the most indebted man in the world (Atlantic)

Naveen Jindal’s struggles with profits and power (Caravan)

The What-If man of tomorrow (Outlook)

Parag Parikh’s big mutual fund bet (ForbesIndia)

Uttar Pradesh:The downward spiral (Tehelka)

A setback to Islamic extremism in Bangladesh (IDR)

Narendra Modi: A man in a hurry (Open)

The startups that will change our lives (Forbes)

Why do we hate successful women?(Slate)

Top 10 Afterlife journeys of notable people (Smithsonian)

India’s growing and neglected Muslim population (Economist)

Africa’s richest man is just getting started (Businessweek)

Facebook’s new stream (NewYorker)

Book Excerpt:Roger Ailes off Camera (VanityFair)

Naak naak ,who’s there? (JaiArjun)

When the Jihad came to Mali (NYBooks)

The Deluge – A new era of fossil fuels (PacificStandard)

Spoof:Inside story of Wharton India Economic Forum controversy (UnrealTimes)

Travelogue:Munnar in February (TeamBHP)

Maha Kumbh Mela:A day in Prayag (Ghumakkar)

Movie Review:I,Me Aur Main (VigilIdiot)

Internet Marketing=Traffic Generation+Conversion Optimisation (Rodinhoods)


Weekend Mega Linkfest:March 01,2013

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

The reality of real estate (Moneylife)

Drinking in Kerala-Rum, rum everywhere (Economist)

Land grab in Ayodhya (Open)

Weapons payload (Outlook)

Bangladesh,what Bangladesh? (Newslaundry)

Rahul Pandita on Kashmir and its stories(Forbes)

Mangalore-Where the morality is saffron colored (Tehelka)

The fishy history of McDonald’s Filet o fish sandwich (Smithsonian)

My dad was not ready to die (Slate)

Apple Vs Wall Street (NewYorker)

Billionaire Bill Ackman’s ill fated bike ride (VanityFair)

The benefits of optimism are real (Atlantic)

An economic explanation for the persistence of caste in India (IdeasforIndia)

Spoof:David Cameroon explains his India trip to his wife (UnrealTimes)

10 truths about being an entrepreneur (Rodinhoods)

Why Iran won’t budge (ProjectSyndicate)

A guide to owning a Harley Davidson in India (TeamBHP)

Tom Freston, runaway Mogul (Men’sJournal)

A profile of Fauja Singh, 101 year old runner (ESPN)

The rise of the new Shanghai (DesignObserver)