Weekend Mega Linkfest: 20 May, 2022

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

A 2047 Template (Bibek Debroy)

Rahul Gandhi must go (Vir Sanghvi)

The clash of Asia’s Titans (Brahma Chellaney)

The US State Department will prevent the peace (David Sacks)

Sweden & Finland in NATO (Doug Bandow)

The El Salvador Diaries (Belen Fernandez)

George Bush’s Iraq Slip (Bradley Blankenship)

Pakistan Exchange Rate Bluff (Riaz Riazuddin)

Nakba: When independence is catastrophe (Haviva Ner-David)

Why Black British lives don’t matter (Tomiwa Owolade)

Why our nuclear fears faded (Guardian)

Don’t be afraid of life (Ruskin Bond)

Why India’s Thomas Cup win is a big deal (Mohammad Bilal)

Resistance (Sayantan Datta)

Thread: 21 Powerful Pictures (Thinking Deep)


Weekend Mega Linkfest: 13 May, 2022

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

The fall of the brothers Rajapaksa (Open)

Imran Khan’s U-Turn on India (Naila Inayat)

Congress has to split to revive (Seshadri Chari)

Finland moves to join NATO (US News)

Russia’s ‘gas weapon’ is a myth (Al Jazeera)

The US-China trade war is about to hit the Middle East (Jacobin)

Bollywood can cement ties between India & Saudia Arabia (Arab News)

Why Catalonia failed (Palladium)

Jubao in China (New Yorker)

The invincible business of Counterfeit goods (Guardian)

The nuclear family has failed (Unherd)

In the Court of the Liver King (GQ)

Thread: The storytelling framework that Steve Jobs uses (Nathan Baugh)

What makes a fart a fart? (Slate)

Obituary: Shiv Kumar Sharma (Open)


Weekend Mega Linkfest: 06 May, 2022

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

China’s troubling new military strategy (Atlantic)

Everyone’s anti-war till the propaganda starts (RT)

Ukraine: From bread basket to bread crumbs (Al Jazeera)

Balochistan: Pakistan’s festering wound (Dawn)

What happened on Spicejet flight SG945? (HT)

Why is it so hard to control our appetites? (Raj Telhan)

How Morarji Desai became PM in 1977 (Open)

Madeline Albright’s legacy of war making (Gray Zone)

Kunapajala: World’s first natural pesticide (BI)

Travelogue: Lansdowne (Team BHP)

Thread: A Tamil mutt transferred power from British to India (S Gurumurthy)

Thread: Why I regret selling WhatsApp to Facebook (Neeraj Arora)

The endless exile of Ayoob Mohammed (Walrus)

India’s Foreigners Act (Nandini Ramachandran)

Why voting is dumb ( Indi Samarajiva)


Weekend Mega Linkfest: 29 April, 2022

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Standing upto China’s belligerence (Open)

China’s leadership is prisoner of its own Narrative ( The Market )

The Comeback of China’s elites (Palladium)

The warped mind behind Russia’s War (Spiked)

Is Ukraine just a White Man’s War? (Unherd)

Can Putin do the unthinkable? (Dispatch)

Open Conflict between Pakistan & Taliban (Dawn)

Hong Kong: The Yellow Chair (Madeleine Slavick)

The lost Jews of Nigeria (Samanth Subramanian)

Why Germans have become immigrants to Paraguay (BBC)

The Great North Indian Wedding (Saurabh Sharma)

The Hustler at the end of the World (Verge)

The Revolutionary (Truly Adventurous)

Ashoka’s Kandahar Edicts (LHI)

How Economists are the worst (Indi Samarajiva)


Weekend Mega Linkfest: 22 April, 2022

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

How Dynasties rule Bollywood (Kaveree Bamzai)

How Oxford Union created UK’s current political ruling class (Guardian)

Iran’s Supreme Leader in waiting (Arab News)

Inside Pakistan’s tech investment boom (ROW)

Sri Lanka & the IMF (Indi Samarajiva)

The neo-Nazi Azov Battalion (TOI)

The Taliban were Afghanistan’s real modernizers (Palladium)

How the Ukraine war saved Orban (Unherd)

Islam & the making of the West (Spiked)

Thread: War in Taiwan (Tong Zhao)

The Peanut King (Guernica)

Big Tech has no power at all (Gray Mirror)

Thread: Combined Arms Warfare (Andrew Fox)

The return of Bali’s lost super food (BBC Travel)

Pravin Patel, Hydroponics pioneer (Better India)