Weekend Mega Linkfest: September 02,2016

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

How to legally own another person (Nassim Taleb)

The Mysore Sandal Soap turns 100 (IndiaCF)

The good,bad and ugly of Reliance Jio (Wire)

The “sharing economy” is dead (Fast Company)

Will Amazon kill Fedex? (BusinessWeek)

Life Lessons from Infosys’s Kris Gopalakrishnan (FF)

Yuja Wang and the art of performance (New Yorker)

The paradox of Syria’s civil war (NYTimes)

Why Nehru refused a permanent seat at the UN (Wire)

Driven:Jaguar F-Pace (TeamBHP)

Trek to the Valley of Flowers (TeamBHP)

Gossip:400 Laborers impressed by PM (Gossip Guru)

A Pakistani looks back on her time in India (BI)

Corrupt Kejriwal (Media Crooks)

This Mangalore College has absurd new rules (BuzzFeed)

One reply on “Weekend Mega Linkfest: September 02,2016”

People love to hate Kejriwal and use all kinds of dirty stories like this media crooks links you attached. I can write in my blood (if I am replenished equal amount :)) that many of them are incorrect having known Kejri personally.

It takes real guts to stand up to this kind of muck and fight a rotten system goosed up to serve the established political parties. He has it and is way way ahead of every other politico. They hate and fear his guts, spot a speck of dust in AAP and raise decibels out of it without realising they are drenched in s*it. Their attitude is ‘you are as dirty as us’ and not ‘we are cleaner than you’ and the primetime viewers have fallen for it.

The voters who matter know better and will vote for AAP. Watch Punjab, watch Goa as they unfold. I have been told that in Punjab, village after village folks put up posters saying Akalis and Congis banned from entering, only AAP allowed. In Goa Kejri’s first meeting was the largest after Modi’s, as per some one I know. And AAP does not pay to bring out crowd.

AAP is fighting nearly infinite odds to bring honesty into politics. They did it in Delhi, and soon ‘rules’ were thrown at them to say they cannot do as much as hire a peon, without Lt Gov permission. Goliaths don’t realise that it just strengthen’s David’s resolve. And, in my view, AAP will win ultimately.

As a donor, I am putting money where my mouth is.


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