Mega Linkfest: 17 May, 2024

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

The appeal of PM Modi (First Post)

The West must do a better job covering India (Express)

Letter from Jewish students at Columbia University (Google)

Hezbollah is now interested in an all-out war (TOI)

On Russia’s Kharkov offensive (RT)

The looming battle for succession in Iran (Engelsberg)

Fast Tracking Armenia-India military cooperation (ORF)

Pakistan: Lurking Fears (Tribune)

Restoring the Sun God in Kashmir (Open)

Church bodies protesting Myanmar border fencing (Organiser)

Thread: Why borrow when you can print? (James Lavish)

Thread: 10 Concepts of Ancient Rome (Jash Dholani)

English Version of Jana Gana Mana (Savitri Mumukshu)

Food: Khao Suey to Khausa (Gulf News)

Wisdom from Marcus Aurelius (Gurwinder)


Mankind: Brand Factory

Source: Investor Presentation of Mankind Pharma Ltd


Sandur: 9 Years Left

Source: Investor Presentation of Sandur Manganese & Iron Ores Ltd


Linkfest: 17 May, 2024

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

M&M shifts to high gear (BS)

Rally in precious metals to continue (CNBC)

Central banks exiting US Bonds, buying gold (Investing)

Look Out Notice against Fund Manager Devina Mehra (BW)

Startup: Razorpay (Forbes)

Interview with Terry Smith (The Market)

The growing role of Renewable Diesel (Oil Price)

False Consensus Effect (Mr Zepczynski)

3 asset classes which are not good portfolio diversifiers (Morningstar)

Immaculate Acceleration (Daily Reckoning)


Linkfest : 16 May, 2024

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

US S&P 500 , NASDAQ, Dow all close at record highs ( CNN )

The Club of Clueless CEOs ( NDTV Profit )

PM Modi’s wealth ( BW )

India’s silent income crisis ( Fortune )

Dinesh Dalmia dupes lenders of 200 Cr ( Money Life )

Startup : KreditBee ( Forbes )

Fund : Nifty 500 Index Fund ( Basu Nivesh )

27,000 $ Gold ( DR )

Tradera ditch bullish bets on oil ( Oil Price )

China mulls Govt purchases of unsold homes ( Climateer )