Weekend Mega Linkfest: 12 July, 2024

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Who sees Gaza? (N+1)

China’s popularity rises in Middle East (Al Majalla)

Hidden fronts in the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict (Cradle)

Iran: Fraom Raisi to Pezeshkian (Arab News)

Viktor Orban’s peace mission (RT)

Why Russia dosen’t want to liberalize (Palladium)

In Search of Denmark’s soul (Engelsberg)

The aftermath of Biden-Trump debate (IM1776)

Sino-Indian relationship may improve (Chanakya)

China’s soft power diplomacy in Nepal (ORF)

How India lost the case on Tibet (Open)

You can’t talk your way out of depression (Walrus)

Iceland’s First Lady takes you on a tour of Iceland (BBC Travel)

Trekking: Palachak Valley (Stories of Raku )

Book Review: After 1177 B.C. (Psmith)

ConferenceCall SME

India is still at Nuts Stage

Source: Earnings Call of Proventus Agrocom Ltd

Auto Components InvestorPresentations

Suprajit: Supra Performance

Source: Investor Presentation of Suprajit Engineering Ltd


Linkfest : 12 July, 2024

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Vizhinjam berths first mother vessel ( Fortune )

GeM portal will become world’s largest ( DH )

US inflation falls ( CNN )

Stock Talk : MCX ( RJ )

Sector: AMCs ( Rediff )

How India checkmated China on silver imports ( BW )

Big Oil is investing in Lithium ( Oil Price)

Overconfidence may lead to poor Emergency planning ( AA )

On assessing Operating Performance ( Buffett )

Saudi & Russia, Best Buddies ( DR )


Where are the long term investors?

Source: Discerene