Linkfest : 25 May, 2022

Some stuff I am reading today morning :

Govt weighs in on edible oil, sugar ( FE )

On the Adani, Ambani rivalry ( BS )

Grasim doubles down on Paints business ( BW )

Startup : Uravu Labs ( Forbes )

Thread : Why markets are imploding ( Bill Ackman )

You have to buy when prices are falling ( Bill Miller )

You can probably time the market ( Rubin Miller )

Grim Diesel ( Doomberg )

On the global food crisis ( Daily Reckoning )

Ukraine could be beginning of Third World War ( George Soros )


Linkfest: 24 May, 2022

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Losses widen at Zomato (BS)

How Paytm ended up with a deserted Mall (Forbes)

Forced Service Charges of restaurants (Fortune)

How Organic India set a new trend (BI)

On development of passive funds (SEBI)

The Transcript : Jan-March 2022 ( DSP )

Overpriced companies in the private markets (Howard Lindzon)

Bitcoin could fall to $8,000 (CNBC)

Thoroughly conscious ignorance (Anand Sridharan)

Q1 2022 Investor Letter (Hayden Capital)


Linkfest: 23 May, 2022

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Thread: GOI introduces anti-inflation measures (Nirmala Sitharaman)

Adani’s biggest bet (BI)

Thread: Visaka Insider Selling (Sanjay Kumar Elangovan)

What is ailing textile hub Tiruppur (BT)

Axis MF sacks second fund manager (Rediff)

Crypto Crash: A Wake-Up Call (Forbes)

How this ends (A VC)

Trying too hard (Morgan Housel)

The Year of Breakdown (Daily Reckoning)

Inflation: Disparate Effects on Company Values (Aswath Damodaran)


Weekend Mega Linkfest: 20 May, 2022

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

A 2047 Template (Bibek Debroy)

Rahul Gandhi must go (Vir Sanghvi)

The clash of Asia’s Titans (Brahma Chellaney)

The US State Department will prevent the peace (David Sacks)

Sweden & Finland in NATO (Doug Bandow)

The El Salvador Diaries (Belen Fernandez)

George Bush’s Iraq Slip (Bradley Blankenship)

Pakistan Exchange Rate Bluff (Riaz Riazuddin)

Nakba: When independence is catastrophe (Haviva Ner-David)

Why Black British lives don’t matter (Tomiwa Owolade)

Why our nuclear fears faded (Guardian)

Don’t be afraid of life (Ruskin Bond)

Why India’s Thomas Cup win is a big deal (Mohammad Bilal)

Resistance (Sayantan Datta)

Thread: 21 Powerful Pictures (Thinking Deep)


Linkfest: 20 May, 2022

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

SC: GST Council recommendations are not binding (FE)

Indonesia reverses ban on palm oil exports (Fortune)

The $ problem for Emerging Markets (US News)

Company: SIS (Forbes)

Rajratan’s global ambitions (BI)

Cars24 fires 600 employees (BS)

Interview with Siddhartha Bhaiya (Morningstar)

What we learnt from Q1 2022 earnings calls (The Transcript)

Capitulation Playbook (Barry Ritholtz)

Nothin’ but the Rent (Trevor Jackson)