Linkfest: 08 December, 2022

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

RBI raises repo rate to 6.25% (BW)

Statement of RBI Governor Das (RBI)

Global markets continue to fall (MC)

ED attaches 200 Cr of assets of Sobha (Money Life)

More car makers to hike prices in January (Rediff)

Company: Adani Wilmar (Fortune)

“Stop Losses are Stupid” (All Star Charts)

A Memo to Investors (Albert Bridge Capital)

Ideas that changed my Life (Morgan Housel)

Oil, Gold & LCLo(SP)R (Zoltan Pozsar)


Linkfest: 07 December, 2022

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Foreign funds can own over 51% of IDBI Bank (MC)

Foreign funds pile into Indian Financials (BS)

Fitch raises India’s GDP forecast to 7% (FE)

US manufacturing orders from China down 40% (CNBC)

India’s deep discounts on Russian crude will stay (Rediff)

How Ravi Modi built the Manyavar brand (Forbes)

Has SEBI lost the battle against illegal advisors (Money Life)

Advice for the debt investor (R Sivakumar)

Let Crypto burn (FT)

Russia is Winning the War (Daily Reckoning)


Linkfest: 06 December, 2022

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Unlicensed advisors are managing hundred of crores (MC)

Adani Green now world’s largest wind-solar hybrid developer (Fortune)

The Mahindra growth story is getting started (Forbes)

EV startups make auto parts manufacturers see red (FE)

A global plastics treaty is coming (BS)

Yesterday’s selloff should be a wake up call for investors (Market Watch)

The key to making better market predictions (Bob Pisani)

How to identify & value quality businesses (Bill Nygren)

LVMH and the Luxury strategy (Punch Card Investor)

On the Twitter Buyout (Last Bear Standing)


Linkfest: 05 December, 2022

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Foreign investors increase allocation to India (FE)

Santa rally for railway stocks (MC)

Interview with HDFC Bank CFO S Vaidyanathan (BT)

Stock Talk: Patanjali Foods (Dolly)

How to get lucky (Sahil Bloom)

A bear market in everything (Novel Investor)

Wall Street’s 2023 outlook for stocks (Sam Ro)

Russia refuses to accept EU’s oil price cap (BS)

China’s Zero Covid Policy is dead (ACS)

How Billionaire Michael Goguen got conned (Intelligencer)


Mega Linkfest: 02 December, 2022

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

The Godfather, Saudi Style (Guardian)

How Joe Biden suckered Europe (Al Jazeera)

Payback time for Xi (Brahma Chellaney)

Watching China’s protests (American Conservative)

Germany exits FIFA World Cup (RT)

Popular unrest in Iran (Jacobin)

Punjabi migrants in Italy (Fifty Two)

Afghani migrants in America (Pro Publica)

Thread: Busting the IIT placement myth (Maheshwer Peri)

Drive: Dzongu & Borong (Team BHP)

Interview with author Pico Iyer (Mint)

Thread: Etymology of districts of Telangana (D Murali)

The story of Major Syamal Dev Goswami (Sentinels)

Varma Pazhassi Raja, Lion of Kerala (History)

Thread: Pandit Nehru & Japanese children (Paperclip)