Cost of a NASDAQ IPO

Source: SEC Filing of Freshworks Inc

Surprised to see the high legal & accountant fees


Linkfest: 20 September, 2021

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Vodafone, Birla may infuse equity into Voda-Idea (Fortune)

Kitex group to invest 2,400 Cr in Telangana (IE)

Mumbai seems to have lost the airport game completely (MC)

Bollywood losses mount (MC)

Small Finance Banks: Hurt but not out (Forbes)

NFTs: Bored Ape Yacht Club (Decrypt)

Deep Dive: Ultra Jaya Milk (Asian Century)

How losing money can help you earn money (Darius Foroux)

The real cause of Alibaba’s China crackdown (Diplomat)

Is China investable? (Goldman Sachs)


Top Clicks on Alpha Ideas this Week

Here are the most clicked items on Alpha Ideas this week:

Manish Chokhani: Sudden Enlightenment (AI)

Adani Ports: Seeing is Believing (AI)

Conversation with Delhi based broker (Shivansh Bansal)

Man Infra: Entering the Big League (AI)

The most powerful catalyst for stocks (Prabhakar Kudva)

How to find a good stock cheap at early stage (Zafar)

Kochi Investor Vs Pi Industries (NIE)

Demand & Supply of Ethanol (AI)

What a Trillion $ wealth destruction looks like (AI)

Why investors want Punit Goenka out of Zee (Fortune)


Weekend Mega Linkfest: 17 September, 2021

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

An Afghan tragedy (Anatol Lieven)

The criminal incompetence of the Americans (AB)

Could Washington support Balochistan Independence? (National Interest)

Canada is a pedestrian nation (Andrew Mitrovica)

Has Covid ended the neo-liberal era? (Guardian)

Covid Crisis: India’s lost generation (LA Times)

Revolt of the Delivery Workers (Verge)

The illiberalism at Portland State University (Peter Boghossian)

The Falling Man (Esquire)

The Asteroid that shaped the fortune of snakes (BBC Science)

A family story of racism, tenure and death (Neil Verma)

The origins of Ganesha (Hindu Aesthetic)

Food: Himachali Dhaam (Vikas Navratna)

Manoj Bajpayee: The Streaming Star (Open)

Obituary: Sir Clive Sinclair (Sky)


What a Trillion $ Wealth Destruction looks like