Weekend Mega Linkfest: September 09,2016

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Dr.A P J Abdul Kalam on the inter-linking of rivers (India CF)

The return of Anna Hazare (Open)

AAP’s mess in Punjab (DailyO)

Will the Cauvery be a political grave for the Congress (NL)

How did Ganesh Chaturthi become a Kolkata festival? (Scroll)

4 Reasons you should pay attention to ISRO’s successful launch (Wire)

Israel: A House Divided (Outlook)

Interview with Vladimir Putin (Bloomberg)

Why Ariana Huffington left the Huffington Post (Vanity Fair)

The story of how Theranos imploded (Vanity Fair)

How the NYT Restaurant Critic writes his reviews (New Yorker)

Driven: Audi A4 (TeamBHP)

3 Indian Mobile apps that are transforming lives (BI)

Photos: What is Aleppo?This is Aleppo (Atlantic)

Gossip: Anurag Thakur stinged (Gossip Guru)

One reply on “Weekend Mega Linkfest: September 09,2016”

the Sohn India Conference

I dont know he is able to anticipate the correction at the Conference

The seventh speaker was S Naganath of DSP Blackrock:

He first gave his view on global markets..said by Sept/Oct he expects them to have a significant correction of atleast 20%
He said even Indian markets will get impacted by this…this would offer the “last opportunity to buy Indian Equities Cheap”
His sectoral pick was PSU Banks.He said everyone hates them now but they should do well from a 3 year perspective
Then he explained an idea he had called “TRICEPS”-Tax Rate Insurance for Creating Employment in Public Services
As per this idea,Govt collects premium from individuals/corporates and promises not to raises taxes.It then uses the money to create jobs
I found this idea bizarre and envy Naganath for the seriously awesome stuff that he must be smoking to think of such crap

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