Linkfest: 17 January, 2023

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Global recession ‘extremely likely’ in 2023 (Fortune)

West’s incipient recession hits India (FE)

WPI inflation falls to 2 year low (Money Life)

Siemens India signs 26,000 Cr contract with Railways (MC)

Saab scraps fighter aircraft agreement with Adani (BS)

Takeaways from IT Services Q3 earnings (Forbes)

Company: Skipper (BI)

The Value Factor and Deleveraging (Larry Swedroe)

Learning from Henry Singleton (AM)

Forecasting Follies (Better Letter)


Linkfest: 16 January, 2023

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Adani 20,000 Cr OFS to hit markets this week (Geetu Moza)

Cummins to launch Hydrogen Engines in India (Fortune)

APL Apollo backed SG Finserve disburses 2,125 Cr in 3 months (Crisil)

Employee exodus at Vodafone India (FE)

5 Min Stock Idea: TD Power Systems (Smart Sync)

Interview with Andrew Clifford (Platinum)

Option Selling Strategies of Gada brothers (MC)

Which investment belief of yours that others don’t share (Meb Faber)

Inside the secretive world of Shark Tank deals (Forbes)

Letter to Investors (Sameeksha Capital)


Linkfest: 13 January, 2023

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Infosys beats estimates, raises guidance (MC)

India Retail Inflation drops to 5.72% (BW)

US Consumer Inflation fell in Dec 2022 (CNBC)

SEBI specifies norms for AIF in CDS (FE)

NSE Indices comparison (Rama Krishna Vadlamudi)

Bitcoin is just a short-vol, high beta vehicle (All Star Charts)

Why better days for Small Cap may be ahead (Royce Inv)

US to hike few more smaller rate hikes in 2022 (Philadelphia FED)

On how FED policy is a bit like trekking (Richmond FED)

The art & science of spending money (Morgan Housel)


Linkfest: 12 January, 2023

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

EVs steal the limelight in Auto Expo 2023 (BS)

ICICI Bank’s murky bailout of Lanco (Money Life)

Impact of US inflation nos on Nifty (Nooresh Merani)

Piramal Capital to target 1 Trillion Rs AUM (FE)

Startup funding in India drops 33% in 2022 (Rediff)

Angels at Agility Ventures (Forbes)

Corporate Insiders embark on a Buyer’s Strike (Felder)

China: Death of a Dream (DR)

US Deep Value offers compelling opportunities (GMO)

Annual Letter to Investors (Terry Smith)


Linkfest: 11 January,2023

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Pakistan in an unprecedented economic crisis (BT)

Rupee strengthens against US $ (BS)

SBI’s 10,000 Cr Infrastucture Bond sale this week (Rediff)

Indian Exchanges- Rise of Options Turnover (2Point2Capital)

6 Mutual Funds degrow in a booming industry (Fortune)

Startup: Dawaa Dost (Forbes)

Interview with Jamie Dimon (Fox Business)

Why does PE get to play Make-Believe with prices? (Cliff Asness)

AI & the Big 5 (Stratechery)

Financial Advisors or Life Coaches? (Kimberly Foss)