Linkfest: 23 July, 2021

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Zomato to list today (BS)

Airtel hikes rates (CNBC)

India’s consumption spending gets hit (Forbes)

5 Stages of a Company’s Decline (Marcellus)

What next for gold? (Morningstar)

Crypto: Stablecoins Vs CBDCs (A VC)

All aboard the Axie Infinity hype train (Super Joost)

The highest forms of wealth (Morgan Housel)

We are all investors now (Nick Maggiulli)

It takes more than money to retire early (Lazyman)


Linkfest: 22 July, 2021

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Infosys reopens offices (BS)

Byju’s buys US reading platform Epic for $500 Million (BT)

Inside Mukesh Ambani’s green gambit (Forbes)

Tata Sons sets the ball rolling to buy Air India (Rediff)

The turnaround story of Indian Overseas Bank (BL)

Indigo Paints : Unlocking growth with incentives ( Sequoia )

On PayTM IPO DRHP ( Leading Nowhere )

Bringing the Metaverse & NFTs back to earth (II)

FOMO in the VC ecosystem ( Frank Rotman )

Community explains some of the stock market moves (TRB)


Linkfest: 21 July, 2021

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Two-third Indians have antibodies against Corona Virus (BT)

Jeff Bezos flies to space (BS)

Swiggy closes $1.25 Bn funding (Rediff)

How Adani group became India’s largest airport operator (Forbes)

The future is here for Honeywell (Fortune)

Narayan Murthy on 1991 reforms (MC)

Bitcoin drops below $ 30,000 (CNBC)

The story of Nvidia (Ankith Harathi)

America’s monopoly problem (Vox)

Asymmetric returns (AM)


Linkfest: 20 July, 2021

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Global markets sell off (CNBC )

Adani Group shares fall on MoS Finance statement (BS)

Thoughts on the Just Dial deal (Bhavin Shah)

Stock Talk: Syngene (Fortune)

Stock Talk: KRBL (Phoenix Capital)

Decoded: Marico’s D2C Strategy ( MC)

About that tout (Doomberg)

Axie Infinity: Infinity Revenue, Infinity Possibilities (Not Boring)

Being a Billionaire is a lot harder than it looks (Vanity Fair)

Interview with Julian Robertson (Graham & Doddsville)


Linkfest: 19 July, 2021

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Why Zomato IPO is reason to cheer (SA Aiyar)

India’s tech moment to overtake China arrives (BS)

FPIs pull out Rs. 4,515 Cr from Indian Equities (Rediff)

HDFC Securities to enter discount broking (FE)

IB Real Estate: Turning into a real estate behemoth (Phoenix Capital)

Nifty performance in last 20 years (Dhruvesh Sanghvi)

Nifty Microcap 250 Index performance (M&S)

Clean Energy: Invest with caution (CNBC)

We are entering a time of financial repression (Russell Napier)

Decentralization Effects (Software Stack Investing)