Linkfest: 17 March, 2023

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

iPhone exports from India to cross 37,000 Cr (FE)

CEO change at TCS (BW)

Vinod Adani is part of the Adani Group (BSE)

ED conducts raids on Franklin Templeton (MC)

US big banks pledge First Republic $30 Billion in deposits (CNBC)

Another FPO for Patanjali Foods (BS)

Slowdown in India QSR (Forbes)

How Credit Suisse India is faring (BT)

The wrong way to think about moral hazard (Econ Lib)

SVB & the Wealth Creation flywheel (Ranjan Roy)


Linkfest: 16 March, 2023

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Credit Suisse ignites fresh turmoil (The Street)

The good news about Credit Suisse (TRB)

Stock Exchanges freeze Patanjali Promoter’s shares (MC)

Oil tumbles below $70 (Investing)

India’s opaque buying of Russian Oil (FE)

Startup: FreshToHome (Forbes)

VC funding for startups continues to drop (BS)

Bitcoin is already up 50% this year (CNBC)

Statistically speaking, you are the patsy (Neckar)

Chairman’s Letter to Investors (Blackrock)


Linkfest: 15 March, 2023

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Adani dollar bond yields ease by 5% (MC)

India wholesale inflation eases to 2 year low (Rediff)

Nifty Pharma Index hits 2 year lows (BS)

JSW to take call on EV investments (Fortune)

SC pulls up SEBI for filing frivolous cases (Money Life)

Bitcoin smashes past $26,000 (Decrypt)

2023 is the year of Cockroach startups (FE)

Interview with Richard Bernstein (Big Picture)

A Reverse Minsky Moment (Irrelevant Investor)

Conspicuous non Consumption (Seth Godin)


Linkfest:14 March, 2023

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

India’s rampaging rise (The Telegraph)

India’s retail inflation eases to 6.44% (BW)

Calling the top for 2 Year US Treasury Yields (TRB)

Markets are pricing a FED pivot (Zero Hedge)

Credit Suisse default swaps hit record (MC)

Why US regulators seized Signature Bank (CNBC)

Anatomy of a bank collapse (Daily Reckoning)

OPEC is back in control of the oil market (Oil Price)

Don’t chase the past (Charlie Bilello)

Fragile Capitalists (Rational Walk)


Linkfest: 13 March, 2023

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

US issues statement to protect all depositors (US Treasury)

FED to give additional funding to Banks (FRB)

Adani fully prepays promoter loans (Adani)

The demise of Silicon Valley Bank (Net Interest)

Thread: Jan shorting thesis on SVB (Raging Capital)

Thread: On the Wadia Group (The Kaipullai)

Interview with Peter Perkins (The Market)

March Madness (Anand Sridharan)

Adjusted metrics is an egregious fraud (Jim Chanos)

The forgotten lesson from Ben Graham’s life (Neckar)