Infosys Whistle Blower Letters

Note: The source of these letters is a WhatsApp forward and as such is unverified

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Infosys CEO on US Immigration Overhaul


The press conference that cost Infosys Rs 32,639 Crores

The share prices of Infosys plunged by 22% on Friday erasing around Rs.32,639 Crores of marketcap.

This is the press conference that triggered it !


Portfolio of Abu Dhabi Investment Authority in India

This post is in continuation of my coat tailing series (see here)

Abu Dhabi Investment Authority is a globally diversified investment institution that is wholly owned by the Government of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Their portfolio in India as per stock exchange filings is given below:

Company Date End # of Shares %
HDFC 201212 19072788 1.24
LIC Housing Finance 201212 7393983 1.47
Rural Electn. Corp 201212 9979317 1.01
Dr Reddys Lab 201303 3077750 1.81
HDFC Bank 201303 48657578 2.04
Infosys 201303 12805232 2.23
Mahindra Satyam 201303 16321705 1.39
DiviS Lab 201303 1388096 1.05

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5 Sensex stocks which give the highest yield

This post is in continuation of my 5 Stocks Series (see here)

5 Sensex stocks which give the highest yield are:

  1. BHEL 3.23%
  2. Infosys 1.63%
  3. TCS 1.59%
  4. SBI 1.55%
  5. ICICI Bank 1.55%