Top 5 Holdings of LIC

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Life Insurance Corporation of India is India’s largest life insurer and one of the biggest investors in the Indian Equity Markets.

Its top 5 holdings as on 30 June,2017 as per stock exchanges is as given below


Company Name Symbol Entity Value (In Crores)
ITC Limited ITC Life Insurance Corporation of India 52,388
Reliance Industries Limited RELIANCE Life Insurance Corporation of India 21,080
Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Limited ONGC LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF INDIA 19,275
Tata Consultancy Services Limited TCS LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF INDIA 18,047

Ratan Tata wanted to say Tata to Tata’s Ratan

When FC Kohli, the founding chief executive of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) suffered his first cardiac attack, Ratan Tata proposed to JRD Tata that they should sell the company to IBM, reveals the statement released by the office of Cyrus P Mistry. 
“When one talks about vision and near death experiences, it is worth recounting a little known fact. Midway during the TCS journey to date, Mr FC Kohli was suffering from a cardiac condition. Mr Ratan Tata was then heading Tata Industries’ joint venture with IBM and approached Mr JRD Tata with a proposal from IBM to buyout TCS. Mr JRD Tata refused to discuss the deal because Mr FC Kohli was still recovering in the hospital from his setback. On his return, Mr Kohli assured JRD that TCS had a bright future and the group should not sell the company. JRD Tata turned down the offer, demonstrating true vision. But, it was also a near death experience for TCS at the hands of Mr Ratan Tata,” the statement says.-from MoneyLife

Top 5 Indian Companies By Market Cap

Source: FE

Rank Company Market Cap (In Crores)
1 TCS 4,74,479.05
2 Reliance 3,56,173.98
3 HDFC Bank 3,28,132.19
4 ITC 2,93,523.65
5 Infosys 2,39,984.78

Software biggies had a rocking July 2013

I had blogged earlier (here and here) about how Export oriented stocks have become the new meme amongst the investing community.

For subscribers of the Investor Wisdom Newsletter,I had mentioned the stocks where LIC had poured money in the last quarter.

So it turns out that software biggies were the biggest gainers of July 2013 as can be seen from the table below:

Symbol Close on 28 June,2013 Close on 30 July,2013 Gain
OFSS 2699 2958.7 9.62%
TECHM 1059.8 1246.3 17.60%
INFY 2498.85 2969.65 18.84%
TCS 1518.15 1815.5 19.59%
HCLTECH 776 937.55 20.82%
WIPRO 349 438 25.50%

Investor Presentation:TCS Q4 FY 2013

This post is in continuation of my Investor Presentation series (see here)

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