Infosys Whistle Blower Letters

Note: The source of these letters is a WhatsApp forward and as such is unverified

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3 replies on “Infosys Whistle Blower Letters”

Whether valuation is high or low , is immaterial because even shit can be justified. Also, since we don’t have complete details on Panaya deal, it’s useless to give benefit of doubt to anyone.

However It’s crystal clear, , giving 30 times settlement to Rajiv Bansal, (that too in Infosys) and not taking share-holders approval, gives us ample of ground to point fingers on the ground poor governance.

That letter is pretty deep and concerning. I feel that Infosys has to take it easy for a few weeks and develop a strategy that can make most of its sales come from Communication, apps, new age IoT, Cloud and such things, including app development, back end, security and maintenance.

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