Linkfest: 20 February, 2024

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Block deal of Whirlpool of India today (BT)

Investors are turning wary of crowded India trade (NDTV Profit)

Retail investors lost out on Axis Bank-Max Financial deal (BW)

The humble repo turns 25 (FE)

Where are the booming MSMEs ? (Money Life)

Notes from Tamilnadu Investors Association Ideas Summit (Akshat Jain)

Buffet’s bet on Japanese stocks has given infinite returns (Pabrai)

On the persistence of growth and value stocks (AA)

Fundamental Vs Derivative (Turtles)

Saying enough to stuff (AR)


Weekend Mega Linkfest: 16 February, 2024

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Pakistan Elections: The Foundational Error (Open)

Imran Khan’s truimph (Cradle)

A Hezbollah-Israel war has never been closer (Al Majalla)

The fall & rise of Marwan Barghouti (Engelsberg)

Netanyahu: The Scorpion (TOI)

A Kamala Harris Presidency (RT)

Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Durrand Line (Tribune)

Will the Taliban’s opium ban last? (Zocalo)

Muslim identity politics in UK (Spiked)

The story of Las Vegas (Smithsonian)

Thread: Reason of Indian belly fat (Shree History)

Review: Medieval Chinese warfare (PSmith)

The 600 year old Greek bakery (BBC Travel)

Drive: Spiti (Team BHP)

Travel: Northern Lights in Finland (Mint)


Linkfest: 16 February, 2024

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Tata Group’s 25,000 Cr Chip plant to get Govt nod (FE)

Fat Foreign Capital to come to India (BT)

Tatas mull spinoff of battery business (HT)

Mahindra group aims for 10x growth in 5 years (NDTV Profit)

Stock Talk: Nykaa (Rediff)

Disney’s push into gaming (Super Joost)

Why not 100% Equities ? (Cliff Asness)

The devil within lifecycle strategies (CityWire)

The power of negative thinking (Climateer)

The cost that’s never counted (DR)


Linkfest: 15 February, 2024

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Bike Taxis get Centre’s approval (BS)

Japan’s economy slips into recession (CNBC)

IRDAI issues draft rules for ‘Bima Sugam’ (Fortune)

India’s Natural Gas consumption to triple by 2050 (Oil Price)

On India’s EV market (MC)

Adani Green begins generation from world’s largest energy park (BT)

PSU Stock rally can continue (NDTV Profit)

Company: Himadri Speciality Chemicals (BI)

How to use real estate in your portfolio (Morningstar)

Is War good for the markets? (Big Picture)


Linkfest: 14 February, 2024

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

PM Modi launches 75,000 Cr solar rooftop scheme (Money Life)

Paytm NBFC lenders in trouble (BS)

Reliance crosses 20 Lakh Crore in market cap (MC)

Ant Financial’s stake value in Paytm declines (Rediff)

US inflation tops forecasts (Bloomberg)

SEBI rejects NSE’s settlement plea ( FE )

Company: Annapurna Swadisht (BI)

Interview with David Einhorn (Big Picture)

The PE fund that invests only in Whiskey (Axios)

How US became the world’s top oil producer (Oil Price)