Linkfest: 02 June, 2023

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Institutions lap up Coal India shares (Rediff)

Cut in Fame II subsidies for EV 2 wheelers (BT)

MFIs to see 30% growth in FY24 (MC)

Tax implications of depositing 2000 Rs notes (BS)

The coming wave of AI (Fabricated Knowledge)

Dividend investing is dead (Random Rogers)

Fear hurts our investing (Microcap Club)

Political risk & investing (Massif Capital)

Thee 77% threshold (Seth Godin)

Paying Attention (Morgan Housel)


Linkfest: 01 June, 2023

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

India’s economy grew by 7.2% in FY23 (Rediff)

Govt to sell stake in Coal India (BT)

Fed Rate hike bets accelerate (The Street)

Indian 10 year yield below 7% (FE)

ECB warns of a sharp selloff (CNBC)

SEBI pushes for greater disclosures for FPIs (BS)

UPI scams on the rise (MC)

Structural trends in the media & entertainment industry (The Market)

Billionaires & the evolution of over confidence (Forking Paths)

A look at Wealth from the funnel of scarcity (Morningstar)


Linkfest : 31 May, 2023

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Mutual Funds are loading up on IT stocks ( Rediff )

Blackrock cuts Byju’s valuations by 62% ( BS )

Valution cuts continue for Unicorn startups ( FE )

Startup : Lets Shave ( Forbes )

The hidden cost of covered call writing ( CAIA )

My strategy for investing in Banks ( Buffett )

Carl Icahn’s End Game ( Semafor )

Reinventing yourself isn’t easy ( RetireBy40 )

The Bet against Financial Advisers (TRB)

Tesla whistle blower case could be serious ( Brad Munchen)


Linkfest : 30 May, 2023

Some stuff I am reading today:

Vande Bharat trains in every state by this month ( FE )

SEBI warns unregistered investment advisers ( Fortune)

RBI Governor on Governance in Banks ( RBI )

A new Fintech world is upon us ( Rediff )

Startup : Insurance Dekho ( Forbes )

A seed investor who made a difference ( Adam Shapiro )

The stock market is not a casino ( Ben Carlson )

Trading : Smash that reset button ( ASC )

5 things that could knock NVIDIA down ( TRB )

Q1 2023 Investor Letter ( Dan Loeb)


Linkfest: 29 May, 2023

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

US reaches deal to prevent default (CNBC)

UPI will account for 90% of retail digital transactions by 2027 (BT)

India to become post paid economy (Nandan Nilekani)

How small finance banks staged a smart recovery (Forbes)

Inox Wind- A turnaround story (Candor Investing)

Binance’s murky finances (Reuters)

NVIDIA and the return to normal (LBS)

Irrational Exuberance (Marquee Finance)

14 Financial Milestones worth celebrating (WCI)

On China Vs America (The Market)