Linkfest : 12 May, 2022

Some stuff I am reading today morning :

The NOPEC bill can send oil prices to $300 ( Oil Price )

Govt may ban wheat exports ( MC )

Heat wave hurting farmers as yields drop ( Rediff )

Ultratech joins race for Holcim ( BS )

RBI to consider more rate hikes in June ( BW )

Govt steps in for cancellation charges of Ola & Uber ( Fortune )

750 White Hat Jr employees quit ( FE )

15 of the craziest charts right now ( Ben Carlson )

The challenge of adapting to changing markets ( Trader Feed )

Thread : How to make $800 million in Crypto ( OnChain Wizard )


Linkfest : 11 May, 2022

Some stuff I am reading today morning :

Imports from Russia rise 3x since Ukraine ( FE )

Consumer Credit Growth at all time highs ( Fortune )

Shanghai lockdown can boost ‘Make In India’ ( BT )

Swiggy scales down operations ( BS )

Bharat Pe sacks employees, vendors ( Rediff )

Startup : Super Cute ( Forbes )

Germany concedes to Russian gas payment scheme ( Oil Price )

Value Factor is a relative haven for stocks in 2022 ( Capital Spectator )

Why you need an Investment Policy Statement ( Occam )

State of the Cloud 2022 ( Bessemer )


Linkfest : 10 May, 2022

Some stuff I am reading today morning :

LIC IPO subscribed 2.9x ( FE )

Rupee closes at all time lows against $ ( BS )

Bloodbath in US equity markets ( Zero Hedge )

Will the CBI act in the NSE scam ? ( Debashis Basu )

Pathlabs : Life beyond Covid ( Fortune )

Gold’s strange behavior ( Wealth Management )

India can be the world leader in green hydrogen exports ( Oil Price )

New biz model for Twitter ( Not Boring )

A few beliefs ( Morgan Housel )

Third Point Capital Q1 FY22 letter (TPC )


Linkfest: 09 May, 2022

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Foreign Fund’s share in Equities at 19.5% (BS)

On Axis MF front-running (Free Fincal)

On the LIC Business ( Mouli Raj)

Company: RR Kabel (BI)

The Illusion of passive investing (PAL)

How to think & act for the long term (Michael Batnick)

Trend models are telling to go short (Mr Zepczynski)

On Inflation (Dr Aswath Damodaran)

Startups: The Burn Multiple (Craft Ventures)

Strategies for a Bear Market (Asian Century Stocks)


Weekend Mega Linkfest: 06 May, 2022

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

China’s troubling new military strategy (Atlantic)

Everyone’s anti-war till the propaganda starts (RT)

Ukraine: From bread basket to bread crumbs (Al Jazeera)

Balochistan: Pakistan’s festering wound (Dawn)

What happened on Spicejet flight SG945? (HT)

Why is it so hard to control our appetites? (Raj Telhan)

How Morarji Desai became PM in 1977 (Open)

Madeline Albright’s legacy of war making (Gray Zone)

Kunapajala: World’s first natural pesticide (BI)

Travelogue: Lansdowne (Team BHP)

Thread: A Tamil mutt transferred power from British to India (S Gurumurthy)

Thread: Why I regret selling WhatsApp to Facebook (Neeraj Arora)

The endless exile of Ayoob Mohammed (Walrus)

India’s Foreigners Act (Nandini Ramachandran)

Why voting is dumb ( Indi Samarajiva)