Linkfest: 08 July, 2024

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Modi in Moscow today ( BT )

Average housing prices appreciate by 50% in Delhi-NCR ( DH )

EVs haven’t taken off despite subsidies ( Rajiv Bajaj )

Sector : Health Insurance ( Ganesh Nagarsekar )

Stock Talk : Godrej Properties ( Rediff )

AI’ $600 Billion Question ( Sequoia)

On the special relativity of investment horizons ( Discerne )

Bad Assets Vs Good Liabilities ( Fundoo Professor )

The Degenerate Economy ( Howard Lindzon )

FAQ on Passive Investing ( GMO )


Weekend Mega Linkfest: 05 July, 2024

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Modi’s Moscow Mission (RT)

Russia-Ukraine War is like US Civil War (Dmitri Medvedev)

Israel & Hezbollah heading towards war (Open)

Israel’s Two Big Lies (Tablet)

The resilence of China’s economy (Yao Yang)

Canada’s Khalistani doublespeak (First Post)

RAW is targeting CPEC in Pakistan (Tribune)

American Militarism in South Asia (Friday Times)

What is behind Kenya’s protest movement? (Crisis)

UK Universities on the brink of disaster (Guardian)

How US ensured ISIS conquered Mosul (Cradle)

The misfortunes of War (Engelsberg)

What we can learn from British East India Company (IM1776)

Trekking: Annapurna Circuit (Team BHP)

Nothing is yours (Dinyar Bharucha)


Linkfest: 05 July, 2024

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Thread: Chinese connection in Hindenburg saga (Mahesh Jethmalani)

SEBI has a strong case against Hindenburg (Rediff)

British retail investors are ploughing money into India (The Times)

NSE imposes price control caps on SME IPOs (HT)

Raymond announces demerger of its real estate business (Fortune)

Interview with Prashant Jain (Forbes)

Even wealthy Americans are struggling to make ends meet (CNN)

Chinese Stock: Kweichow Moutai (Moatless Musings)

The Shareholder Supremacy (Edward Zitron)

Forget about Factors (Rogers Planning)


Linkfest: 04 July, 2024

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Sensex hits 80,000 mark (Fortune)

Global military spending hits record 200 Lakh Crores (BW)

Centre stops release of monthly GST data (BT)

The bear case for US stocks (The Street)

Switching tax regimes while filing returns (MC)

Age based asset allocation (Oblivious Investor)

Lending money to friends & family (NPR)

The biggest obstacle for most investors (Terry Smith)

How to survive irrational markets (David Einhorn)

Changing your behavior for better investing (Big Picture)


Linkfest: 03 July, 2024

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

$3-4 Billion inflows possible in HDFC Bank (MC)

The world is sitting on a $91 Trillion problem (CNN)

Discount brokerage firms feel the heat (FE)

Company: Antony Waste (Forbes)

Commodity: Tungsten (CNBC)

Big investors are doubling down on oil & gas stocks (Oil Price)

How Bull Markets work (Common Sense)

‘Boomer Candy’ Funds (Morningstar)

Green New Scam is dying (DR)

The importance of diversification in investing (Buffett)