Weekend Mega Linkfest: 14 July, 2023

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Lord Rama’s homecoming (Open)

ISRO launches Chandrayaan-3 (Mint)

India is the breakout partner for the US (ORF)

Europe clamors for greater India ties (Arab News)

Why India chose Rafale (India Today)

On Prigozhin’s Mutiny (Larry Johnson)

Foreign mercenaries in Ukraine (RT)

How Hip Hop fuelled Egypt’s revolution (Guardian)

Caught in the India-Pakistan Crossfire (Dawn)

The patriotism of ethnic minority Britain (Spiked)

Qatar Vs Gulf Powers (Crisis)

Hezbollah at the gates of the Gallilee (Cradle)

Thread: 10 insights from Napoleon (Jash Dholani)

Thread: Indian Soldiers in Beijing (Paperclip)

Thread: 2022 Convocation Address at GNLU (Live Law)

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