Mega Linkfest: 30 December, 2022

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Sorry Kamala. Nobody thinks you are a strong leader (NY Post)

Ron DeSantis, Man of the Moment in America (Spiked)

Historic tipping point in EU-China relations (Arab News)

How China learned to love the Bomb (Engelsberg)

The History behind Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (Smithsonian)

The 1968 expulsion of Jews from Poland (TOI)

Thread: The Book Market of Baghdad (Bayt Al Fann)

On India-Pak cultural ties (Fifty Two)

When Jamaican Slaves rebelled on Christmas Day (Jacobin)

Invictus in an Albanian Jail (Baffler)

History: Becoming Jinnah (Dawn)

Thread: Churchill didn’t cause the Bengal Famine (Andreas Koureas)

The Seven Women of Mohenjadaro (LHI)

Thread : 12 Days of Christmas (Cultural Tutor)

Obituary: Pele (Open)

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