Weekend Mega Linkfest: 11 November, 2022

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

The Age of Hypercontrol (M J Akbar)

Thread: Real villains of Delhi pollution (Agenda Buster)

On the EWS Quota (Vir Sanghvi)

Fiji’s plans to escape rising sea levels (Guardian)

Unprecedented political crisis in Pakistan (Jacobin)

Locked outside the Gates of Europe (Guernica)

Cambodia’s Cyber Slaves (ROW)

Bollywood in crisis (Al Jazeera)

Inside Elon Musk’s first meeting with Twitter employees (Verge)

Greenwashing has gone mainstream (RT)

The mirage of European Sovereignty (Palladium)

Fiction: Koru (Guernica)

Travelogue: Canara (Team BHP)

Thread: 15 Unique dishes from India (COB)

The sweet & sticky history of the Date (Smithsonian)

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