Alpha Ideas 20 20 Meet – 2022 Edition

As many of you are aware, we had conducted the Alpha Ideas 20 20 Meet last Tuesday 08 November, 2022 in Mumbai.

21 Speakers presented on their stock idea. All the presentations permitted by the speakers to share can be found here :

Kindly note that no recordings will be shared.

We had an audience of around 350 people from all over India. It was great to host such a friendly and enthusiastic group of investors.

I will let the pictures do the talking.

Group Photo with the Speakers

Speaker 01: Manish Gupta, Solidarity Investment Managers

Speaker 02: Varun Goenka, Value Quest

Speaker 03: Abhisar Jain, Monarch AIF

Speaker 04: Rikeen Dalal, FICOM Advisory LLP

Speaker 05: Gaurav Parikh, Jeena Scriptech Alpha Advisors

Speaker 06: Rusmik Oza, Kotak Securities

Speaker 7: Bharat Shah, ASK Investment Managers

Speaker 8: Aditya Sood, InCred

Speaker 9: Rahul Dhruv, Pegasus

Speaker 10: Ashwini Agarwal, Demeter Advisors LLP

Speaker 11: Jeevan Patwa, Sahasrar Capital

Speaker 12: Niteen S Dharmawat, Aurum Capital

Speaker 13: Abhishek Basumallick, Intelsense

Speaker 14: Aveek Mitra, Aveksat Financial Advisory

Speaker 15: Prakash Diwan

Speaker 16: Aashish Upganlawar, InvesQ

Speaker 17: Ayush Mittal, Mittal Analytics

Speaker 18: Neil Behal, Negen Capital

Speaker 19: Smitesh Sheth, Raedan Securities

Speaker 20: Lakshminarayanan K G, Tunga Investments

Speaker 21: Amit Jeswani, Stallion Asset

Me & my co-host Paresh Shah

Look forward to hosting you in 2023 in the next edition of Alpha Ideas 20-20 !

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