Linkfest: 18 March, 2019

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

How Manohar Parrikar modernised India’s Defence (FE)

Vanguard invested Rs.1,294 Cr in a single day (MC)

L&T set to acquire Mindtree for Rs.16,250 Cr (Mint)

How did it go this bad for Anil Ambani? (ET)

60 listed companies which are market leaders (Jatin Khemani)

Shippers- The most bombed out sector in the market (Macro Ops)

Spring Crash of 2019? (Pension Partners)

Is it worth to be a famous fund manager? (Common Sense)

Conversation with Masayoshi Son (You Tube)

Can the Gig Economy help you reach financial independence? (Retire By 40)

One reply on “Linkfest: 18 March, 2019”

On the “60 listed companies which are market leaders”, I see there is Jamna Auto Industries. Recently, I came across the company and tried to read its Annual Report.

My observation has been that, one the company might be overstating it’s revenue. Second, the management has to be one of the worst of the lot. Last year, these guys had 50% increase in total compensation while the sales grew at 10%.

I know the list is about 60 market leaders but I wish safalniveshak’s people were more concerned about making their niveshaks safal and asking people to do proper due diligence instead of just watching for investment opportunities.

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