Alpha Ideas crosses 25 Million Page Views

Alpha Ideas has crossed 25 Million Page Views.

Thank you, dear reader, for your continued patronage of this very simple blog.

Any suggestions to improve the blog is most appreciated and welcome.

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This is not a blog. This is an encyclopedia. Wonerful contribution.
Bharath V Davey

Sir, many thanks for collection of information on various subjects through your blog…its simply great…thanks again.


Keep up the good work. My best wishes for reaching 100 million page views.

I am sure the day is not far off.

Congratulations Nitin… Your work is very helpful.

You have amazing passion for investing. Lot to learn from you..

Thanks for sharing some excellent stuff on regular basis which is really helpful.
Keep enlighten us by sharing your noble ideas with us.
My best wishes with you always.

Congrats Nitin it’s a WOW feet on such a short time , you could capture eyeballs with your crisp selection of topics . Keep rolling

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