Mind the Gap

Source: Q3 FY2018-19 Investor Presentation HDFC AMC Ltd

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Banks’ have to blame themselves for this poor deposit state of affairs in India. They have consistently reduced the interest rates of SB account as well as on FD also little realising that a liquid fund offers equal or better rate of return than even an FD with the ease of withdrawal (no penalty) at any time and taxation benefit.
Over period, Banks have not only reduced interest rates on SB as well as on FD, but, even started charging for all and any kind of services extended including for issue of a cheque book, even a duplicate statement, whereas all this and a plethora of other services are freely available at all the Fund Houses.
Even borrowers from Banks are harassed at every stage, wherever borrowers from MF houses do their work without any botheration.
The government and the banking industry have created their own pitfalls in which they are trapped now.

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