Weekend Mega Linkfest: March 09, 2018

Some off beats for the weekend:

The murder of Kim Jong-Nam (SCMP)

The China-India Tango (Dawn)

Buddhists Vs Muslims in Sri Lanka (ATimes)

How S P Mookerjee saved Bengali Hindus from annihilation (Swarajya)

Gray Hat: Marcus Hutchins (NYMag)

Operation Bayonet (Wired)

Travelogue: Andaman (TeamBHP)

Ghulam Nabi and Naag Devata (Gossip Guru)

Meet iconic architect Balkrishna Doshi (BI)

55 photos of girls going to school all over the world (HP)

Food Trail in Madhya Pradesh (NatGeo)

Our mothers, the reluctant feminists (Arre)

Time to call idiots ‘idiots’ (J Mathrubootham)

Kashi Diary (Sharman Joshi)

The brilliant ad by Ashok Leyland for Women’s Day (You Tube)

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