Linkfest: 16 Feb,2018

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

PSU Banks have lost Rs.22,700 Crores in frauds in last 5 years (Rediff)

PSU Banks: Cheating the Public (Bala)

SEBI: Retail investors in IPO to get compensation (MC)

Nirav Modi Case: ED seizes 5,100 Crores (ET)

Tata Steel is the top bidder for Bhushan Power (BS)

Stock Talk: Satin Credit (Tank Rich)

The worst in emerging markets is yet to come (Quint)

Bridgewater’s European short is now $22 Billion (Zero Hedge)

The most important investors of all time (Irrelevant Investor)

Having an Investment Mentor (Disciplined Investing)

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