Shout Out: Pure SME

Some of us investors have created a Whats App Group called Pure SME.

The rules of the Group:

1) The purpose of this group is to collaborate effectively by sharing insightful information and discussing on investment rationales and thesis for investment in SME stocks i.e. stocks listed in the SME segments of NSE/BSE.

2) Since we have a diverse set of folks from multiple backgrounds and skill sets , we would encourage sharing industry and domain knowledge on related stocks discussed. Also sharing of articles which make interesting reads is encouraged. Discussion/ healthy debates/ counter arguments are interesting knowledge enhancers.

3) Members discussing stock ideas could have vested interest in the same. Their risk profile , portfolio allocation, investment horizon and purchase price could be very different.

4) We plan to keep the discussion in the group to manageable levels. Urge all members to participate but only through meaningful contribution.

5) Strictly NO insider news based or tip based calls here

6) Strictly NO Happy Birthday , Anniversary , Congratulatory, Good Morning messages etc

7) Strictly NO political/religious discussions or off-topic discussions.

8) Strictly NO jokes,puzzles,riddles etc

9) Strictly NO piracy or sharing of paid Newsletters, Books and periodicals.

We would like to increase the Members by adding investors who have at least 10 years experience in the markets and some experience in SME investing.

If interested,please email me at Alpha Ideas with the following details:

  • Name
  • Tel No
  • Location
  • Occupation
  • Total Investing Experience
  • Which SME stocks you like/dislike and why


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