Linkfest: December 07, 2017

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Bitcoin breaches $13,000 (BS)

Market Correction: “When” not “If” (Calm Investor)

Interview with GMO’s Arjun Divecha (ET)

RBI is playing a role in bank recapitalization (Tamal)

Now’s the right time to buy steel stocks (BL)

Trouble mounts for Anil Ambani (Quint)

How to play commodities cycles (Bala)

The case of the bankerless bubble (TRB)

How to read financial news (Morgan Housel)

Beware the parade of annual stock marker forecasts (PragCap)

One reply on “Linkfest: December 07, 2017”

Nitin Jee,

You should also write an article on “How to read financial news”. Alphaideas readers will be glad to know how to filter news on what is important & Rare.

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