Weekend Mega Linkfest: August 24, 2017

Some off beat reads for the long weekend:

Rajnikanth’s cult following in Japan (SCMP)

Why Narayan Murthy needs to relearn rules of the Murthy Doctrine (Rama Bijapurkar)

Dateline Xinadu (Outlook)

How the US can pressure Pakistan (Atlantic)

The Triple Talaq Judgement (Irfan Habib)

Drones and UAV swarming (IDR)

How a shadowy Imam created the Barcelona terror cell (NYTimes)

Life in Damascus (Guardian)

Carl Icahn’s failed raid on Washington (New Yorker)

In India, education is just a line in the bio-data (J Murali)

Do owning Holiday Homes make any sense? (Team BHP)

Startup Story: Unocoin- a Bitcoin market place (YS)

Spoof: American soldiers could thrive in Afghanistan (Onion)

Short Story: Twice Born Place (IQ)

How Aamir became fat (Rajeev Masand)

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