Linkfest:April 07,2016

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Are Infosys founders not happy with Vishal Sikka? (Mint)

How private sector banks are winning the digitisation war (OB)

How to buy tax free bonds in the secondary market (FreeFinCal)

Stock Analysis:United Nilgiri Tea (Amit)

Why bull markets make everyone miserable (TRB)

As an investor,Osama Bin Laden was bullish on gold (NYTimes)

Wind and solar are crushing fossil fuels (Bloomberg)

Beat the market-trade like a cockroach (DR)

Different type of Life Insurance policies in India (BasuNivesh)

On selling short (Nihon Cassandra)

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Thanks for your linkfest… I am ur regular follower

Could you please giv the Parent URL and the author of
Stock Analysis:United Nilgiri Tea

I am regular reader. I would like to know about today’s article on United Nilgiri Tea as to is it an old article as the stock price mentioned in it is Rs. 250/- around April ’15. Today the price is almost Rs. 440

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