Late realization by the markets?

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Raids and Investigations will only be against those who do not continue bribing the current government (at any given time). Situation with Roy of Sahara or Ashoka is same. Good work, but wait…
When we will see investigations by the various agencies of crony-capitalists like Adani, Ambani, Lanco Infra etc – how do you think they came up in life? There are also a number of RE companies that have amassed big chunks of land in mega cities by being in close proximity to the politicians and babus – when will there be a raid on them?
When we will have our banks re-calling the mostly unsecured loans and advances that have gone above the permitted 4 to 1 Debt Equity (for large, secured projects only, else should not exceed 2:1)? Reliance has around 50,000 crores of unsecured loans (as per its balance sheet) – what is the guarantee that it, or an Adani outfit, will not turn out be another Mallya in the making?

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