Weekend Mega Linkfest:September 04,2015

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

14 Companies that caught Ratan Tata’s eye (Quint)

Top lies spread by Indian media in August 2015 (OpIndia)

Let’s call Pakistan’s nuclear bluff (DailyO)

How Trump invented Trump (Bloomberg)

Why Naresh Goyal is smiling (Forbes)

Thai Commercials:Great at making people cry (Atlantic)

A refugee’s odyssey from Syria to Sweden (Guardian)

The fortune teller of Kabul (Guardian)

Travelogue:Chattisgarh Chronicles (TeamBHP)

13 untold truths about selling to schools in India (Rodinhoods)

Insurance startup Coverfox gets 14 M$ funding (YS)

Some tales of Muslim Conversion to Hindus (Wire)

Why you hate Google’s new logo (New Yorker)

Why drivers in China intentionally kill pedestrians they hit (Slate)

How to save on your car insurance premiums (TeamBHP)

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