Market Neutral Strategy

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Alpha Ideas has been highlighting some forecast follies. Your work wont end because there are unlimited number of optimists in the marketplace called as ‘self-interested analysts’ who always give you forecasts!
Another thing that you can try to expose is the financial media which simultaneously gives both signals – bullish and bearish, so when one of them proves right (market seldom stays same, right?!) they will start thumping their chests with a “I said so” sheepish smile!
Nice times to enjoy the markets – I did not ride it when it started to rise from 6,000 levels about 9 months before Modi-gov was born, neither I am going down on the ‘parachute-with a hole’ as it is looking for the ground to crash-land. Intrinsic worth of the Nifty is around 6,900 per me (6000 in Oct 2013 plus 7.5% annual growth), if & when it starts falling below 7000 I may (sell gold, real estate and) invest!!!
Anything else happens, sip my coffee, sit back and enjoy the fun!

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