What was that again?

Bengal is a pillar. Bengal is a foundation state for northeastern countries. I believe Bengal is border of Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan. And Bangladesh is a border of Pakistan … This type of thing you are facing we started from day one. Our mission is we will do from the day one if we can do from the day one then in hundred days we will be able to deliver … in Bengal we have the potentiality … I do the bat directly. I don’t play the bat only just like a match fixing. If I want to do the things I will do it. If I bowl, I will bowled out for this and if I am ready to do the batting I will batting for the people, batting for industry and agriculture also…-said Mamata Banerjee at the Bengal Leads 2012 summit

Weekend Reads:June 09, 2012

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What was that again?

“I’m not sure that Gold will not make a new high this year, but I think we’ve bottomed out and some gold mining shares have become very very inexpensive compared to the reserves they have.

And i think that in the current environment where it is clear that the worse the economy becomes the more the money printers will be at work, that to own a currency whose supply can not be increased at the will of some clowns that occupy the central banks is a desirable investment.” said Marc Faber