Portfolio of Mahendra Girdharilal

This post is in continuation of my coat tailing series (see here)

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Mahendra Girdharilal is a well known investor in the Indian Equity Markets.

His significant holdings in India as on 30 Sept,2014 as per Stock Exchanges is given below:

Symbol Entity # of Shares % Date End
BEARDSELL Mahendra Girdharilal 53021 1.13 201409
DALMIAREF Mahendra Girdharilal Wadhawani 181067 5.74 201409
LAKSHMIFIN Mahendra Girdharilal 81727 2.72 201409
PAEL Mahendra Girdharilal 132613 1.39 201409
PERIATEA Mahendra Girdharilal 115473 3.73 201409
SICAGEN Mahendra Girdharilal 477447 1.21 201406
VIRAT INDUSTRIES Mahendra Girdharilal 118413 2.41 201409
5Stocks CoatTailing

5 Stocks where LIC has huge stakes

Life Insurance Corporation of India is the biggest domestic daddy of the Indian Equity markets.

While researching for my Investor Wisdom Newsletter, I came across the holdings of LIC.Their five biggest holdings (% wise) as on 31 March, 2013 is given below:

Symbol No of shares %
ORISSAMINE 925000 15.42
UNITEDTEA 771496 15.44
LT 1.01E+08 16.45
MTNL 1.19E+08 18.81
CORPBANK 37757511 24.69

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Mining stocks crashing in the first half of June 2013

This post is in continuation of my 5 Stocks series (see here)

Mining stocks have been crashing in the first half of June 2013 as can be seen from the table below:

Symbol Close on 31 May,2013 Close on 14 June,2013 Loss
GMDCLTD 138.45 122.45 -11.56%
NEYVELILIG 66.55 58.7 -11.80%
ORISSAMINE 2497.75 2194.65 -12.13%
SESAGOA 163.9 142.1 -13.30%
HINDCOPPER 95.95 82.95 -13.55%