Linkfest:April 24,2013

Some stuff that I am reading today morning:

Hoax on Twitter erases $ 130 Billion from US Markets (ABC)

Hiring by Infosys,Wipro lowest in the last 5 years (BusinessLine)

India Gold Premiums soar as Demand outstrips Supply (WSJ)

Air Asia offers ticket to Thailand for Rs.5000 (ET)

Tata Housing gets bookings worth Rs.450 Crore in one day (FE)

Govt seeks to raise Rs.5000 Crores through ETFs (Mint)

I survived the flash crash of 2013 (TRB)

The perils of investing in what you know (Bucks)

Suckered:Saradha goes bust (CapitalMind)

Where to open a demat account (Subramoney)


Linkfest:April 23, 2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

How did the world’s rich get that way?Luck (BusinessWeek)

Telecom firms spread a low cost net (BusinessLine)

Mercedes,Audi and BMW shift to cheaper cars (ET)

RIL signals start of growth era (BS)

Bajaj’s quadricycle faces a tough ride (Mint)

India’s rickety bridge across its digital divide (Bloomberg)

Use hedge funds for proven return reduction (TRB)

Gold bugs swatted again (RickFerri)

Is it worth making the shift to fundamental indexes? (Globe&Mail)

Bill Fleckenstein:Hold tight your gold (ZeroHedge)

The mind of Jeffrey Gundlach (CrossingWallStreet)


Linkfest:April 22, 2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Tata faces crisis as $20 Billion spent on water (Bloomberg)

Equities may see comeback as gold slumps (Mint)

Weaker Yen could spell trouble for Emerging Markets (ET)

India lobbies credit rating firms for an upgrade (WSJ)

ULIP investors running for cover (BusinessLine)

The biggest average-down in history (TRB)

The fundamentals of market tops (AlephBlog)

Jim Chanos Presentation on China (BI)

Gerald Loeb’s market wisdom (BigPicture)

Thoughts on gold as an investment (AswathDamodaran)

Another one bites the dust (NihonCassandra)


Weekend Mega Linkfest:April 20,2013

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Snapdeal Vs Flipkart (Rodinhood)

Great moments from IPL Season 6 (GreatBong)

Daastaan-E-Dilli (Ghumakkar)

Bangladesh’s quest for justice(ShashiTharoor)

Travelogue:Bicycling solo to Leh (TeamBHP)

Pakistan shocked that no Pakistani is suspect in Boston Marathon Bombing(UnrealTimes)

Lost in the meritocracy at Yale (Atlantic)

I’m for sale (Elle)

The resort of last resort(GlobalMail)

A wild country grows in South Sudan (Outside)

The invincible Mrs.Thatcher (VanityFair)

Book Excerpt:The mistress and the Narcotraficante (TexasMonthly)

A tribute to Balraj Sahni (Jabberwock)

The war may be over but the idea lives on (Tehelka)

Zenith Infotech:Defrauding shareholders (Moneylife)

Putting the shine back into Tata Steel (ForbesIndia)

1962:The Nehruvian Blunder (IDR)

Chequered Pasts:Resume Fraud in the IT industry (Caravan)

Ramakant Achrekar:Sachin Tendulkar’s coach (Outlook)

Advani:Modi’s real challenger (Open)


Linkfest:April 19, 2013

Some stuff that I am reading today morning:

Setback for Vedanta (BusinessLine)

Impose 200 Crore fine on Adani group:Panel (Moneycontrol)

Who’s happy about the falling price of gold? (WSJ)

SEBI plans to shorten settlement cycle (ET)

Cobrapost fallout:RBI extends investigation to 34 banks (Mint)

Ari Wald:This is what distribution looks like (TRB)

The best career advice you’ll never hear (Quartz)

The stock market capitalisation to the GDP ratio (Monevator)

The Commodities market sell off stinks of deflation (BI)

Trees don’t grow gold (DailyReckoning)