Linkfest:April 27, 2012

Some suggested morning reading:

India to attract capital irrespective of any tax regime (Mint)

S&P gives India a shock (BusinessStandard)

Did SEBI bungle up by banning entry loads? (MoneyLife)

Billionaire Mittal pushes Pakistan Detente (Bloomberg)

Ecommerce in India-Sell now, pay later (Economist)

What do you do when you hit your loss limit (SMBTraining)

Gundlach Quarterly Commentary (Doubleline)


What was that again?

“One of the ironies of the stock market is the emphasis on activity,” Warren Buffett said in the 1984 letter. “But investors should understand that what is good for the croupier is not good for the customer. A hyperactive stock market is the pickpocket of enterprise


Linkfest: April 24, 2012

Some suggested  morning reading:

FTSE 100 falls nearly 2% (FinancialExpress)

TCS beats 10 Billion $ mark (BusinessStandard)

Connecting history and the markets-Seen this movie before (BigPicture)

South Carolina is the China of America (ReformedBroker)

Why most people fail as traders (DarvasTrader)

Over their dead bodies (DailyReckoning)

How exercise could lead to a better brain (Nytimes)


Linkfest: April 23, 2012

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Mukesh Ambani plans 12 Billion $ expansion (Bloomberg)

Bad bad news for RCOM (EconomicTimes)

Markets gear up for Akshaya Trithya (Mint)

The funds flow paradox (InvestingCaffeine)

Scandal in China (Nytimes)

Chinese media mock India;s ‘dwarf’ missile (BBC)

Bollywood gossip of the week (RajeevMasand)


Say that again !

“Somewhere down the line we will have a massive wealth destruction that usually happens either through very high inflation or through social unrest or through war or a credit market collapse”-Marc Faber, April 2, 2012 on CNBC