Linkfest:Jan 16, 2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

NSE bans Deccan Chronicle trading (BusinessLine)

MNC delisting plans get a jolt (ET)

Axis Bank’s retail focus is paying off (Mint)

Pledged shares take a toll on Arshiya (BS)

Pots & panellists (MediaCrooks)

Investing is hard because of bias (Subramoney)

Chasing the cat (TRB)

Learning to be a central banker in 10 easy steps (Cassandra)

Slavery, an Epicurean business model (PsyFi)

22 Insights from the greatest investors in history (BusinessInsider)


Linkfest:Jan 15, 2013

Some stuff that I am reading today morning:

TCS beats street estimates with 26% jump in Q3 profits (BusinessLine)

It’ll need a miracle to escape stagflation in 2013 (Firstpost)

TCS has given 24000 offers on campus (FE)

BKC neighborhood to get elite residents (Mint)

Making a killing by selling pomegranates (BS)

Why is Narendra Modi opposed? (Centreright)

The purpose of this site (TRB)

Want lower returns?Try sectoral timing (RickFerri)

The dark side of numbers (AswathDamodaran)

6 provocative predictions for 2013 (DailyReckoning)


Linkfest:Jan 14,2013

Some stuff that I am reading today morning:

Mohnish Pabrai:What I learned from Warren and Charlie (MotleyFool)

How long will the courts humor Sahara group? (FirstPost)

Why Bob Dhillon is betting on Indian real estate (ET)

Investing risks in 2013 (Mint)

Arshiya International: Zero stock target (SaanpAurSeedi)

Portfolio Construction (AltaisAdvisors)

Family Floater health insurance in India (OneMint)

India’s empty democracy can’t protect it’s people (Bloomberg)

Bernie Madoff:Insider trading is nothing new (CNBC)

A shocking death, a financial lesson (NYTimes)


Weekend Mega Linkfest:Jan 12, 2013

Some interesting off beat reads for the weekend:

The harassed husbands of India (Open)

Do arranged marriages foster a tradition of rape? (Newslaundry)

Buying a home abroad (ForbesIndia)

Is salt good for your health? (Moneylife)

Inside Hong Kong’s Chungking mansions (Caravan)

A maid’s execution (NewYorker)

Mayhem in the tea garden (Tehelka)

The man who speared JP Morgan’s whale (BusinessWeek)

The little known legend of Jesus in Japan (Smithsonian)

Jihad comes to Kenya (ForeignAffairs)

How much can you tell about people from their handwriting? (Slate)

The Poppy Palaces of Afghanistan (VanityFair)

How more money makes people act less humane (NYMag)

One dad’s ill fated battle against the princesses (Atlantic)

Dubai as the new Mecca (GQ)

Spoof: Dr Manmohan Singh gives career advice (UnrealTimes)

Safe Driving on India’s highways (TeamBHP)

The Pope’s dangerous sex appeal (ProjectSyndicate)

Movie Review:Rajdhani Express (VigilIdiot)

Travelogue:Puri, Lord Jagannath’s land (Ghumakkar)


Linkfest:Jan 11, 2013

Some stuff that I am reading today morning:

Gold is useful because it is useless (FirstPost)

US S&P 500 are back at 5 year high (ET)

India wastes 21 Million tonnes of wheat every year (FE)

Soon , Nifty futures on Osaka exchange (BS)

Govt may broaden scope of Rajiv Gandhi Equity Scheme (Mint)

Of Kingfisher and Mallya’s pot of gold (CapitalMind)

Howard Marks Memo to investors (OakTreeCapital)

Louis Dreyfus says China is manipulating the cotton market (Climateer)

Examining Ben Graham’s record:Skill or luck ? (Greenbackd)

What effect does living frugally play in the success of a trader? (SMB)