Linkfest:April 24,2013

Some stuff that I am reading today morning:

Hoax on Twitter erases $ 130 Billion from US Markets (ABC)

Hiring by Infosys,Wipro lowest in the last 5 years (BusinessLine)

India Gold Premiums soar as Demand outstrips Supply (WSJ)

Air Asia offers ticket to Thailand for Rs.5000 (ET)

Tata Housing gets bookings worth Rs.450 Crore in one day (FE)

Govt seeks to raise Rs.5000 Crores through ETFs (Mint)

I survived the flash crash of 2013 (TRB)

The perils of investing in what you know (Bucks)

Suckered:Saradha goes bust (CapitalMind)

Where to open a demat account (Subramoney)

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