Linkfest:March 14, 2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

In Gujarat, farmers grow the red potato (Businessline)

Is it time to give up on Tata Motors? (Firstpost)

HUL’s real estate is the secret behind its healthy state (ET)

Consultants gear up to help PE firms get exits (Mint)

LIC rescues RCF share auction (BS)

The Editor’s delivery vehicle (MediaCrooks)

Awesome career advice from LinkedIn’s billionaire founder (BusinessInsider)

Why time frames matter to you (BigPicture)

10 things I wish I knew before I started trading (BCLund)

Finding yield and value in dividend paying stocks (InstitutionalInvestor)


Linkfest:March 13, 2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Small savings will fetch less from April 1 (Businessline)

Why Rahul Gandhi doesn’t really mean what he says (Firstpost)

Spanco 1300 Crore recast plans face roadblock (FE)

India’s stock exchanges take their battle to new frontiers (Mint)

Charlie Munger built his fortune by seeking income first (SeekingAlpha)

Insiders sell, chumps buy (JeffMatthews)

Money advice for people in boom or bust fields (NYTimes)

George Soros claims ex-girlfriend hit him with a lamp (Dealbreaker)

3 Currencies hedge funds hate (Athrasher)

Gold is the worst investment of 2013 (Quartz)


Linkfest:March 12, 2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

17 Lakh candidates apply for 1500 jobs at SBI (BS)

How effective is market making on Indian stock exchanges? (Mint)

What game is Ajit Singh trying to play with Air Asia? (Firstpost)

19 priceless takeaways from the new book on Buffett (Fool)

Hedge fund manager stuffed cash in his underwear (Bloomberg)

How money buys freedom (DailyReckoning)

Bankrupt 1990s internet toy company thinks it was undervalued (Dealbreaker)

Goldman Sachs presentation on state of world economy (BusinessInsider)

The mystery of Intrade shutting down (RajivSethi)

The best US investment blogs (CollegeInvestor)


Linkfest:March 11, 2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

The only stock tip you will ever need (Firstpost)

Banks to publish photos of loan defaulters in newspapers (FE)

How to decode a restaurant bill (Mint)

Collectibles as investments (BS)

Internet changes everything:Indian higher education (AjayShah)

Biggest investment mistake ever (Subramoney)

Rajdeep Sardesai Super Troll and Hate monger (Mediacrooks)

Jim Rogers:The world’s savers are being wiped out (BusinessInsider)

Behavioral Investing Specimen No 864: The Barber (TRB)

A market strategy that keeps on rolling (FT)


Weekend Mega Linkfest:March 08, 2013

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Meet the most indebted man in the world (Atlantic)

Naveen Jindal’s struggles with profits and power (Caravan)

The What-If man of tomorrow (Outlook)

Parag Parikh’s big mutual fund bet (ForbesIndia)

Uttar Pradesh:The downward spiral (Tehelka)

A setback to Islamic extremism in Bangladesh (IDR)

Narendra Modi: A man in a hurry (Open)

The startups that will change our lives (Forbes)

Why do we hate successful women?(Slate)

Top 10 Afterlife journeys of notable people (Smithsonian)

India’s growing and neglected Muslim population (Economist)

Africa’s richest man is just getting started (Businessweek)

Facebook’s new stream (NewYorker)

Book Excerpt:Roger Ailes off Camera (VanityFair)

Naak naak ,who’s there? (JaiArjun)

When the Jihad came to Mali (NYBooks)

The Deluge – A new era of fossil fuels (PacificStandard)

Spoof:Inside story of Wharton India Economic Forum controversy (UnrealTimes)

Travelogue:Munnar in February (TeamBHP)

Maha Kumbh Mela:A day in Prayag (Ghumakkar)

Movie Review:I,Me Aur Main (VigilIdiot)

Internet Marketing=Traffic Generation+Conversion Optimisation (Rodinhoods)