Linkfest:Jan 31,2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

ISI gave Rs.5 Lakh to man who beheaded Indian soldier (TOI)

Ghost of GAAR has been buried (ET)

5 trends that will drive FMCG growth in 2013 (Mint)

Direct Benefits Transfer:How the game has changed (BS)

Sprite set to become the largest soft drink brand in India (BusinessLine)

Goal setting tips (Subramoney)

Should you break a fixed deposit to buy a debt fund? (OneMint)

How to become super rich (AlephBlog)

Research:Expectations of Returns and Expected Returns (SSRN)

Disney’s Bob Iger talks deal making (TheWrap)


Linkfest:Jan 30,2013

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

In India, a dash to lock in yields (WSJ)

Structural problems cant be solved with cyclical tools (Mint)

Fighting fat at India Inc, one dosa at a time (NYTimes)

How bond trading on Wall Street really works (ZeroHedge)

5 bitter truths of Rajat Gupta-The Gurbani connection (Rodinhoods)

Dubai suitcases of cash circumvent loan rules (Bloomberg)

Five cautionary notes for every value investor (AswathDamodaran)

Ray Dalio:2013 will be a game changer (Bloomberg)

How to profit from China’s air pollution (DailyReckoning)

Research:Do fund managers who use technical analysis generate better returns? (SSRN)


Linkfest:Jan 29, 2012

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

MIAL seeks attachment of Kingfisher properties (BS)

Recruiting at B-school is expensive business (BusinessLine)

RBI rings alarm bells (FE)

Hiranandanis look at new real estate segments,markets (Mint)

Decks clear for FY15 GST rollout (BS)

A list of hurt sentiments of Muslim groups (MediaCrooks)

Caplin Point & Poddar Pigments (DalalStreet)

The model T iPhone (JeffMatthews)

Backing over retirement (MortalitySucks)

Are you a value investor?Take the Apple test (AswathDamodaran)

90% of the crowd there cried (Sid Talya)


Linkfest:Jan 28,2013

Some stuff that I am reading today morning:

Punters should make small bets till RBI action on Jan 29 (FirstPost)

Fund houses rush to launch Rajiv Gandhi Equity scheme (FE)

FII shareholding in Indian firms at 6 year high (Mint)

The ‘parent’ takes over at the Mahindra Group (BS)

Dilip Kumar’s brothers drag him to court (MumbaiMirror)

Soon outer Delhi may grow vertically (ET)

IRFC tax free bonds issue details (OneMint)

Why Jeremy Grantham is wrong (DailyReckoning)

Its comforting (TRB)

How should Bill Acman and Carl Icahn settle this thing? (Dealbreaker)


Weekend Mega Linkfest:Jan 26,2013

Some interesting off beat reads for the weekend:

Mukesh Ambani sends a defamation notice to news channels (Newslaundry)

Is this really what we deserve ? (Open)

The desi cow is almost extinct (Tehelka)

The saffron string (Outlook)

SEBI to disclose all information related to PMS (Moneylife)

Are old iphones a gateaway drug ? (MarketWatch)

Why we should memorize (NewYorker)

Iraqi Sunnistan (ForeignAffairs)

The Komodo Dragon is an all purpose killing machine (Smithsonian)

Rahul Gandhi:Show your hand (Economist)

Why you are not a leader (Forbes)

The women of Mexico’s drug war (Atlantic)

How to drive safely in a fog (TeamBHP)

The Algerian tragedy (ProjectSyndicate)

Life lessons Bollywood has taught me (UnrealTimes)

Congratulations Sir (GreatBong)

Could Cyril Ramaphosa be the best leader that South Africa never had? (NYTimes)

Aaron Swartz:Memory to myth (Verge)

Exit Interview:Timothy Geithner (NewRepublic)

Hollywood Publicity:The Rules of the Game (VQR)