Weekend Mega Linkfest: 07 June, 2024

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

The dark side of the Verdict (Open)

People should fear Chandrababu Naidu’s determination (Print)

Germany begins to militarize (RT)

Russia-France tensions escalate (Newsweek)

France’s skyrocketing threat (Gatestone)

US President-in-Absentia (Front Page)

The silent settler coup in Israel (Arab News)

The drone war race in the Middle East (Al Majalla)

Is Pakistan headed for a military takeover? (TFT)

The Carbon trading scam (Guardian)

Thread: The building that started modern Architecture (CT)

How Tolstoy immortalised Russia’s Caucasus war (Engelsberg)

Food: Zongzi (Smithsonian)

Thread: Udipi Sri Krishna Temple (Anbezhil)

Drive: Drives around Mangalore (Team BHP)

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