Linkfest: 17 May, 2024

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

M&M shifts to high gear (BS)

Rally in precious metals to continue (CNBC)

Central banks exiting US Bonds, buying gold (Investing)

Look Out Notice against Fund Manager Devina Mehra (BW)

Startup: Razorpay (Forbes)

Interview with Terry Smith (The Market)

The growing role of Renewable Diesel (Oil Price)

False Consensus Effect (Mr Zepczynski)

3 asset classes which are not good portfolio diversifiers (Morningstar)

Immaculate Acceleration (Daily Reckoning)

2 replies on “Linkfest: 17 May, 2024”

Is the link on Devina Mehra for real – it does not connect to any site? You might want to double check ….

Don’t know what to believe on the web these days !!

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