Weekend Mega Linkfest: 29 December, 2023

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Prashant Bhushan & the anti-Hindu Delhi riots (OpIndia)

Dr. S Jaishankar in Russia (RT)

DMK puts Congress in a spot (Deccan Herald)

How Hamas weaponised sexual violence (NY Times)

The battle for the Arctic (Spiked)

Extortion plaguing Karachi Industries (Tribune)

The unraveling of military rule in Myanmar (Arab News)

Another difficult year ahead for Afghanistan (Al Majalla)

Chinese democracy is better than Western democracy (Sinification)

2023: The revenge of history (Engelsberg)

How AI shook the world in 2023 (RoW)

The British coup in British Guiana (Declassified UK)

The Mughal & the Tudor (Open)

Thread: 20 Top Indian Dynasties (Itihasika)

Travelogue: Kruger National Park (Team BHP)

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