Mega Linkfest: 08 December, 2023

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Meet new Telangana CM Revanth Reddy’s team (Print)

Armenia’s existential moment (Engelsberg)

Netanyahu may choose war with Lebanon (Cradle)

Where are the innocent people in Gaza? (TOI)

Iran’s Resistance Front is drawing recruits from Pakistan (ORF)

Jewish Londoners suffer worst two months (BBC)

Houthis to block Red Sea for Israeli ships (Arab News)

Orban outlines the future of Europe (RT)

Why the Elgin Mables matter (Spiked)

Pakistan: When hatred turns into rebellion (Tribune)

Changing the national narrative of Pakistan (News PK)

A very Muslim Christmas (Walrus)

Short Story: The Egg (Andy Weir)

Lord Wellesley adopted Maratha tactics to defeat Napoleon (Telgraph)

Birding Trip: Bharatpur (Team BHP)

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