Weekend Mega Linkfest: 13 October, 2023

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

The geopolitics of Al-Aqsa Flood (Cradle)

The Gaza Disengagement just died (TOI)

Israel is manufacturing a case for genocide (Al Jazeera)

Western virtue signalling over Israel (RT)

The Woke scapegoating of Jews (Spiked)

Anti-China rhetoric is off the charts (The Diplomat)

France’s defeat in Africa (Newsweek)

Canada a lion to India, a lamb to China (National Post)

Inside the Taliban’s luxury hotel (Guardian)

Pakistan: Messiahs, Saviors, Heroes (The News)

Pakistan’s Blasphemy accusations (Midstone Centre)

The rise of Pakistan’s drones (South Asia Press)

Churchill’s plans to attack the USSR (National Archives)

Travelogue: Kedarnath & Badrinath (Team BHP)

Thread: 32 Forms of Ganesha (Anu Satheesh)

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