Linkfest : 07 July, 2023

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Monsoon nears normal range ( FE )

Adani Green to raise 12,300 Cr ( Rediff )

How Senco Gold stuck gold ( Forbes )

Return of Wind Sector ( Fortune )

Interview with Lalit Dua ( You Tube )

Blackrock’s move into Crypto ( Coin Desk )

China should repay pre-1949 debt ( Climateer )

Investing is not for everyone ( Munger )

Risk Capacity is more important than Risk Tolerance ( Morningstar)

Smart things smart people said ( Morgan Housel )

2 replies on “Linkfest : 07 July, 2023”

Hello Mr. Alpha Ideas,

I am seeing no weekend mega linkfest for the last 2 weeks.

Any perticuler reason?

Thanks and wish you a good day ahead


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