Weekend Mega Linkfest: 05 May,2023

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

IPL: A League of its own (Open)

Thread: Why Manipur is on fire (SS Jha)

Russia’s new vision for taking on the West (Crisis)

Iran regime change via Reza Pahlavi (TOI)

Syria-Turkiye talks depends on water (Cradle)

Its raining IMF in Suriname (Al Jazeera)

The SCO & Indian challenges (ORF)

Thread: The Fourth Laddu (The Liver Doc)

Billionaires shouldn’t exist (Jacobin)

Who are the Anglo-Indians? (Zocalo)

Thread: Hari Singh Nalwa (Sadaa Shree)

Chanakya on when the enemy is stronger (HUYF)

Thread: The incredible story of Touria Chaoui (David Zabinsky)

Drive: Char Dham Yatra (Team BHP)

Thread: Expressions of Love in Arabic (Bayt Al Fann)

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