Weekend Mega Linkfest: 28 April,2023

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Endgame Karnataka (Open)

On India-Nepal border disputes (ORF)

Famine in East Africa (Al Jazeera)

Why the world has turned against Israel (Spiked)

Mexico’s Lynching Problem (American Conservative)

Britain is Dead (Palladium)

De-Dollarization kicks into high gear (Cradle)

Inside the crisis at Juventus (Guardian)

The Origin of the Kurds (Times of Israel)

The birth of the Pakistan Army (Dawn)

Debt shaming in Nigeria (ROW)

The Prince of Montenegro (Truly Adventurous)

Thread: Last stand of Rajputs at Somnath (Jay Vardhan Singh)

Auto Review: MG Comet EV (Team BHP)

Thread: A brief history of your favourite fonts (Cultural Tutor)

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