Weekend Mega Linkfest: 23 July, 2022

Some offbeat reads for the weekend:

The early India Internet (PeaBee)

The plot against Modi (Open)

Is Jharkhand going the Maharashtra way? (India Today)

Pakistani grooming gangs in UK (Spiked)

How Manchester sold itself to Abu Dhabi’s elite (Guardian)

War will decide the fate of Transnistria (Palladium)

US Strategic Ambiguity on Taiwan (American Conservative)

Pelosi’s Taiwan visit (RT)

Germany’s love affair with its cars (Enselberg)

Instagram is fueling a thrifting boom in South Asia (ROW)

Nikolai Vavilov, Soviet Scientist (Damn Interesting)

How Cesarean Births became a global epidemic (Zocalo)

The Prosperous Migrants (Rafia Zakaria)

Racism in Europe (Reddit)

Thread: Temples in Telugu states (Sada Shree)

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