Weekend Mega Linkfest: 17 June, 2022

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

What is EU’s alternative to Russian Gas? (RT)

Joe Biden’s Woke Imperialism (Spiked)

What do Saudis want from Biden’s visit? (Arab News)

Ukraine isn’t worth nuclear war ( American Conservative)

Decoding Sri Lanka’s meltdown (ROW)

The God who loves bling (Times of Israel)

Ukraine’s improbable World Cup Qualifier Win (ESPN)

Has Amethi abandoned the Gandhis? (Open)

In defense of burning bridges (Amber Husain)

Sanskrit, State & Science ( Sanjana Ramachandran)

Volunteering with Tibetan refugees (Better India)

Food: Bangladesh Jhal Muri (BBC Travel)

Pilgrimage: Bangalore to Dwarka (Team BHP)

Thread: World’s greatest Impostor (David Zabinsky)

The joys of slow travel (Shivya Nath)

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