Weekend Mega Linkfest: 04 March, 2022

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Why Vladimir Putin has already lost this war ( Yuval Noah Harari)

Stop painting Ukraine as the good guy (Leon Kushner)

Why has the US & NATO not sanctioned for starting wars? (RT)

Ukraine & the new world disorder (Spiked)

Interview with Mohammed Bin Salman (Atlantic)

The ingrained corruption of Iran’s IRGC (Arab News)

Why was Pakistan’s PM in Russia? (Al Jazeera)

Trapped in Silicon Valley’s hidden caste system (Wired)

Why Yogi is confident (Open)

Behind 10 min delivery promise (IE)

Thread: Best Exercises from ancient cultures (Alexander Cortes)

Thread: Emerging Cyber Fraud trends (Shakti Avasthy IPS)

Reality Show: Mission Everest (Neha Mehrotra)

Drive: Understanding 4*4 (Team BHP)

The Craziest 2 Mins of TV News (Sk Boz)

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