Weekend Mega Linkfest: 24 December , 2021

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Why Indian women are hooked to Asian skincare (Mint)

Interview with R Ashwin (Cricket Monthly)

Thread: Final Takeaways from the Farm Bills (Jyotilaxmi Kurup)

The Bill to change the Preamble to the Constitution (Roshni DSouza)

China cannot silence me ( Nyrola Elima )

America must optimise or collapse ( Murtaza Hussain)

Why the West cannot leave Hong Kong alone (RT)

Pakistanis don’t know what to do with their pre-Islamic history (Rafia Zakaria)

The economics of Broadway shows (Hustle)

The Secret is Crime ( Palladium )

In pursuit of Ladakh’s soft gold (Nat Geo)

Kanaklata Barua: Assam’s teenage martyr (LHI)

Solo: 3 Boats, 3 Men, 1 Race (Fifty Two)

7 Lessons from Yale’s most popular class (Zain Khan)

Real videos of Veer Savarkar (Rakesh Salunke)

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